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NotesIn9 – Episode 13 – XPages and XML

In XPages there are now two ways to create applications. The IDE, and the Source. Learn to use the source to do things that are impossible to achieve with the IDE alone. May the source be with you!

This week marks the last couple of days of Wiki Madness. In celebration of the end of what I think was a great event I’m celebrating with a weeks worth of new shows.

In today’s show I talk about XPages and especially the need to start becoming comfortable with the source window. Unlike traditional Notes Development where you only have an IDE, XPages allows you to access the actual XML source of the page. Watch how you can use that to your advantage and do a couple of simple things that can not be done in the IDE alone.

May the source be with you!

Also in this show is a couple of shout-outs to some recent additions to the Lotus Notes screencasting and podcasting world.
Tips In Two
The X Cast


One note about this show. It’s my first attempt using a new microphone. It’s called a Yeti. I’m not sure if I have it set right just yet. Certainly the keyboard came across too loud in this one. I think it’s better in tomorrow’s show.