Day Job

New iOS8 and Safari problem discovered.

First let’s be clear what I’m posting about. This is NOT an IBM or XPages issue. This is specifically iOS8 and Safari.

I posted on StackOverFlow with all the details.

The skinny:

I have an XPages app that uses a bluetooth Opticon Scanner

No problems in iOS7 and Safari.

iOS8 and Safari do NOT work well with the scanner. Characters are dropped. It’s not reliable. Using Chrome on iOS8 seems to work fine.

I’ve no idea why or what the issue is. I posted on StackOverFlow and in the Apple Dev Forums and even made a bug report.

This just kinda sucks. I’m confident the Mobile controls problem will be resolved from IBM. But now we’re going to have to get our users to install Chrome on their iPads just to get the scanners to work.

Fricken sucks 🙁