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NotesIn9 025: Selecting Documents from inside a Repeat Control

When you use a view control there is a simple action for working with selected documents. In SSJS there is a method, getSelectedIDs (or something like that), that let’s you get a handle on any selected documents. However neither of these solutions exist for documents inside a Repeat Control.

In this show l will demonstrate how have a repeat control and get a handle on any documents that the user selects.

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P.S. This is the 25th episode of my normal NotesIn9 show. 🙂 All the XPages shows, the XPages Jumpstart and the Extended Editions can be found easily at

P.S. Ok. I’ll admit it. I did have a thought on doing some April Fools Joke here. Maybe a Rick Roll – but then I thought that the “Rick Roll” has run it’s course. Maybe that “Friday” song should be the new Rick Roll? But don’t worry. This video is safe! 🙂

P.P.S If you have a Mac… and Kids… a great April Fools prank is to ssh into the mac from an iPad or other device and use the “Say” command. Great fun. I had my kids thinking their Mac was Watson’s cousin. 🙂