Well Crap

BAD bug found in IBM Domino 9.0.1 FixPack4 (FP4)

So Declan pinged me about a weird problem he discovered which I was able to confirm.

Get this:

If you have a view column that is calculated by a formula and you change the programmatic name of the column to something that matches a field on the document that that fields value will show in the view column and NOT your calculated formula.  OUCH!

This does NOT occur in FP3. We’ve seen this in the Notes Client as well as in XPages Code. Jave Code I believe.


If you look at the screenshots.  The first one has 2 arrows pointing to “test” and “15”.  Those values come from a field called “legacyID”.  The other documents have correct information because they don’t have that field on them. The second screenshot shows the programmatic name with the formula I’m using.  All I did was change the programmatic name from what I was using “homeCode” in this instance to “legacyID” which is a field that was NOT already inside the view.

It’s possible that this problem does not occur into DDE makes a change to the database – either via direct edit or design refresh.

I saw some other posts about bugs in FP4.  I’m not sure what they were though.  I know there’s some debug information that was left turned on that shows on the server console.  That has already been corrected in IF1 I’m told.

We’re not running IF1 yet so I do not know if there’s a fix for this view problem yet.