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NotesIn9 202: Using Grunt With XPages

In this show, NEW CONTRIBUTOR, Patrick Kwinten comes on to talk about using Grunt – a JavaScript Task Runner and font-awesome with XPages. Patrick is an excellent developer and has shared a lot of great content on his blog at :

This show is also the first show from Oliver Busse, a new Video Producer for NotesIn9. I’m beyond excited to have his assistance in getting more content shared with the community.


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NotesIn9 157: Dabbling in Bootstrap and Font Awesome

In this show Dan Friedrich, a brand new contributor joins the Hackathon! He’s a customer (like me!) that’s been doing a lot with XPages. He’s going to talk about using Bootstrap and Font Awesome in your XPages applications.

Before the demo I take a little time to update the status of the XPages Mobile Controls and iOS8 issues as well as some overall personal opinions on the Mobile Controls themselves.

The demo starts around the 10:00 if you want to skip over my opinion stuff.

Dan’s site is:


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NotesIn9 136: Using XPages with Bootstrap 3 and FontAwesome

Ok enough Java.  We need something that even Marky Roden might like!

In this show Tim Tripcony returns to end out “Tim Tripcony week” on NotesIn9.  He’ll give a demo on how you can start using Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome with your XPages applications.  He’ll do so by using themes and a content delivery network.

Really good stuff!!