Driveto99 Notes In 9 Podcast

NotesIn9 079: How to use the XPages Dynamic View Panel Control

NotesIn9 welcomes long time speaker but first time contributor Paul Calhoun to the show.

Paul is an amazing teacher and he’ll show us how to use the Dynamic View Control. This is a control from the XPages Extension Library that can basically auto-create views for you. Say you have 15 views in your application. Previously you might have to make 15 xpages or custom controls to show them all. Well no longer! The Dynamic View Panel Control can make the views automatically for you. This saves you lots of time! Hmmm Sounds like an infommercial really.

But hold on there’s more!! Paul will also show you how you can individually customize these automatically built views. That’s right friends! Don’t wait! Click on the video now to be amazed!


Download the DEMO FILE.

UPDATE: Per Lausten pointed me to this StackOver Flow article which discussed the Customizer Bean. Be sure not to miss the links to work done by Jesse Gallagher (who I’m trying to get on NotesIn9 himself). Jesse’s project is meant to try and make the dynamic panels replicate the original views more closely.