Notes In 9

Notes In 9 – 016 – Creating an Agent Framework

While this show ended up being a little rushed, due to several late night phone calls with my accountant over taxes, I am particularly fond of this content. You see, many of the things I present, I’ve not really discovered myself. Many of them I learn by reading the blogs or the wiki’s and figure out how I would use them and then create a show around it to try and teach others so they save time. I always try to give credit when I can.
But this topic, an “Agent Framework” is something that I came up with all on my own. I started doing this years ago and even wrote an article about this is the magazine, “Lotus Advisor”. The point of this, which I hope comes across in the show, is that if you have agents in Notes Application, and users are going to running the agents from the Actions menu, then, in my opinion, there’s a better way for us as developers to give them that option. They we need to make sure our apps have the best User Interface possible since that’s what people expect now a days.

Anyway – I hope you like the show. I’ll post the database file shortly.

In the show I also discuss the need to improve our user interfaces and link to Scott Good’s Lotusphere 2010 session – “You Can’t Fix Ugly“. This slide deck should be required viewing for all Developers, but especially all NOTES Developers.