Bluemix Well Crap

BlueMix and Spam


Blue Mix and Ham

I am Dave
Dave I am.

I did not sign up for Bluemix today

I did not sign up yesterday.

I did not sign up thirty days ago

I did not sign up with an Eskimo

I did not sign up from a plane

I did not sign up from a train.

I did not sign up for a trial

Most days I don’t even drive a mile.

I did not sign up in the snow

If you’d ask me I’d tell you no.

I did not sign up on a bet

I simply did not sign up yet.

I did not yet build an app

I would rather take a nap.

Someday I might

When the time is right

People tell me it’s actually rather sweet

They tell me in chat, and even via tweet

It actually looks really neat

They’re smarter then me,

So they plainly see,

There’s power in Watson

Which might lead to adoption

I’m sure I’ll give it a try

I mean it, I can’t tell a lie

XPages in the cloud,

Would make me so proud

One day I’ll try Bluemix

Until then, please stop being ___

Well crap, I guess nothing rhymes with Bluemix… This will forever be unfinished now…  Sigh….


Way back in November I blogged about getting some similar emails from Bluemix. I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now. I don’t like the wording, as again, I’ve not signed up, validated an email address or placed any apps or data on Bluemix.  I really wish IBM would cut this out.  People don’t need to be tricked into using Bluemix. It’s a turn off.  Just make Bluemix as great as you can and people will come. I’ve heard a lot of good about Bluemix from the recent IBM Connect conference.  And with new updates into Domino Designer I’m probably getting closer to actually giving it a try which is why getting this in my inbox is extra annoying. If I sign up today I feel like I’m giving into a phishing scheme.  And can I even sign in?  It says my trial period has ended?  I bet there’s a good chance that’ll be a pain to sort out.


update: Changed the title on suggestion from a friend to “Bluemix and Spam”. That sounds better.