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NotesIn9 182: XPages and Java from Start to Finish

In this show I do an in depth demo of an XPages app that’s based on Java Code. I didn’t take time to build it from scratch in front of you, but I go over every line of code in the app.
The app lets you you Create, Read, Update, and Delete Project documents, and then add to each project an unlimited number of tasks.

It’s a long demo – but I first show the app, then go through all the Java code, and then finally the XPages code itself.

I hope this helps you put the pieces together to consider adding Java to your XPages toolbox.

Note: In the Demo, I do use the OpenNTF Domino API which makes life so much easier. It’s not required and in the near future I will try to produce a “cheatsheet” to help translate from the API to the lotus.domino classes.


ni9-182 Demo File.nsf