Notes In 9

Changes for NotesIn9

Well if you’re seeing this you probably already know what the news is.  I’ve made some big changes to my blog.

I’ve moved to a new host, upgraded to WordPress 4 and am playing with a new theme.

I want to thank Chris Miller for hosting my blog since almost the very beginning of NotesIn9.  He really stepped in and saved me when I had problems with my original setup.

In addition to the new theme, (which might change later) I’ve updated the About page and some of the links to try and make it easier to find my other sites and especially the Episode Guide. Addtional ways to find older shows are the new Tag Cloud and a search feature which I never had before.

If anyone sees any problems or has any suggestions please let me know!

Looking forward I’ve just got a ton of shows that I need to get out. I needed to get out.  We have a bunch of great new contributors coming as well as my MWLug Presentation.

Hope you like the content!