Java Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9 132: Using Java in XPages Part 1

Ok.  There’s a lot going on in this show so let’s get started:

This show came from a Skype Chat I had with Tim Tripcony.  The goal here is a series that focuses on how you actually use xpages and java beans together.  We want to show how to bind to Java Objects instead of documents and actually use them.  This is not a full “app” but more of a CRUD example.  We didn’t want to distract too much from the core concept of linking XPages to Java Beans directly.

Of course I failed at that as since Tim was using source control for this I wanted to start the show with source control.  So you can see me bring the project down and create not only the .ntf but also the .nsf file.  So if that’s not too interesting to you skip it.  the Java stuff starts around the 15 minute mark I think.

I did do some editing to cut out some other parts that weren’t needed.  So there’s a pretty poor transition in there at one point. One of the things I cut out was how Tim was using Themes to pull Bootstap 3 into his app from a CDN.  So if you’re interested in Bootstrap you might want to download the app and check that out!  Clever.  Beats putting it into the NSF.

Today is actually my birthday.  So as a gift to the community I wanted to get this show out and start this series.  Jesse Gallagher asked if that I was doing a Hobbit Style Birthday.  Where a Hobbit gives out gifts on their birthday.  Wish I would have thought of it that way.  Typical Jesse – usually 3 steps ahead of me.

Anyway – I hope you like the show.

P.S. This show is at another new resolution. 1440×900 I believe.  I’m having trouble getting my  Parallels VM to use my normal 1280×720 resolution.  It works great for my work VM but not my NotesIn9 VM.  Really weird.  I do like the bigger resolution since you know…  it’s Designer and all that.  So I might try to keep this.  I don’t know.  But PLEASE let me know if you have problems viewing the show or reading any code.