Notes In 9

NotesIn9 news and celebration!

I’ve been running dark for a little bit so I just thought I’d give a couple of updates regarding NotesIn9.

First – April was the best month ever for total Views and Downloads! Absolutely amazing. I don’t take the download/view stats too seriously as that’s just not the point of NotesIn9. But I do keep an eye on them as that at least gives me a hint of the interest level. The overall numbers completely blew my previous record month out of the water. So it does seem like interest in XPages is growing.

As an Example, April had another 400+ downloads/views of my Introduction to XPages show. Bringing the total views on for that show to 3,776 since it was released. Adding in youTube numbers puts that around 4,000 views for the 1st part of my XPages Jumpstart. Now I’m sure some people are watching it more then once.. or downloaded it and not watched it. But overall, with the information that I have, it appears that there’s improving interest in XPages.

Ok. Enough about that stuff.

Second: It’s no real secret that the most difficult thing about NotesIn9 for me is not creating the shows, it’s the backend workflow and publishing of the shows. It’s a huge struggle and I’m looking into ways to improve it. For my next attempt at improving this, I’m starting to migrate the shows from libsyn to in an effort to get better embedded players available and an improved publishing workflow. So if there are any problems for older or future shows please let me know.

Third: Regarding new shows…. Here’s my plan…

I’m going to start a small series of videos which will be a more or less “complete” app build from beginning to end. I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time actually. This was the one of the main reasons I started the Extended Editions a while back.

I’m going to try and do these a little differently. Since they will be more involved then my usual short and hopefully focused videos, I’m going to try and change the style a little bit. Honestly I’m going to probably put less planning into the videos and just sit down and “wing it”. It’ll be like live development in theory. look out!

I’m hoping this kind of goes with the theme of RAD development from the other week. Actually the first video is very much like the 3ish minute Great XPages Race show that I did for fun. But it runs about 15 minutes because I take the time to explain they why’s and hows.

I’m hoping that this kind of goes with the theme of the RAD video I did in Great XPages Race the other week.

Will this be the greatest most polished app in the world? Probably not. But hopefully it’ll help people get comfortable with XPages.

Also on the docket is some other stand alone shows that I’m REALLY excited about.

Now I didn’t mention timing. I hope it will be VERY SOON. But with a new puppy coming tomorrow… we’ll no promises. 🙂

Anyway – That’s my story. Thanks so much for all the interest!!