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NotesIn9 160: Learning XPages Part 1 – Installing Designer

This show beings my great experiment. I’ve wanted to do this for a couple of years actually. I’m going to ATTEMPT to start from scratch and build an XPages Application.

I’m going to assume that the viewer has little to no knowledge of Domino Development.  I’ve gotten a bunch of emails from people brand new to the platform so the beginning shows are kinda geared for them. I’m really trying to start from square one.

When I get into the Application build – which won’t be till the 5th show I believe, I’m going to TRY and build a “typical” XPages application – Companies, contacts, Activities… stuff like that.  But when I do get into the App build, It’s going to be built with a heavy preference for Java and Managed Beans. Why? Must I use Java to build this kind of application?  Absolutely not.  No Java needed.  But I’m going to use it for 2 reasons:

1-People have been asking for this kind of information

2-This is how I might build an app in the day job so that’s what I’m going to do here.

So that’s why I’m using Java.  It will also let me get into making a “business api” I hope.

I’m also going to use Bootstrap and the OpenNTF API.  Basically any tool in the toolbox.

That’s the plan anyway.


P.S. In this show I meant to start with actually installing the designer software, but messed something up and didn’t want to redo it.  I figure clicking on the installer isn’t that big a deal.  So this show starts off after the initial install.

P.P.S If you’re a beginner and want further information and an alternate view point on starting XPages development, you might want to check out a video series from Paul Della-Nebbia on his blog.  

Oh and there is one more thing….

Some episodes MIGHT contain some “bloopers” at the end.