Notes In 9 Podcast

NotesIn9 072: Reviewing Domino Designer

This episode marks an early start to the NotesIn9: Drive to 99 event.

I recently spoke at the MWLug conference.  This show is the first part of what might be 4-5 parts of that presentation turned into a screencast.

In this show I talk about Domino Designer and source control first.  These are brief reviews of some longer shows I have done.  Though I talk a little more indepth about source control “Branching” which I’ve not done before.  I then talk about some tools that you need to have in your designers toolbox.

Hope you like it as our “Drive to 99” starts heading to the highway!

UPDATE: Since I stumbled in the show on what “Xmx” and “Xms” are I was excited to get some feedback from Dan O’Connor of IBM.

I saw you were a little unsure about the xmx and xms variables/args :-).

xmx is the maximum heap size, it is a variable that is passed to the JVM on startup, and is the maximum size the JVM will allow its heap to expand to.

xms is the minimum heap size, and while you might think setting this to a really low number can do ‘no harm’, it is actually advisable to set it to a ‘reasonable’ number, as the JVM is usually optimized to initialize to the minimum heap size, and if this size is too small for the number of objects needed to initialize the program (in this case Designer), as a result the JVM has to keep cycling until the optimal heap size is reached, which can have a performance impact.

Dan also suggests referring to the book “XPages Portable Command Guide”.  There’s a section in there that starts around page 86 and goes into more detail on what the Java heap is and how it affects performance.  While the book is geared for the server, the same principles apply to the client as well.  I hope to review those pages and go into that in a little more details in a future NotesIn9.

Thanks Dan!!