Community Notes In 9

Lotusphere thoughts and some announcements.

I had a great Lotusphere. Though I wouldn’t have known it from the beginning as I was sick, and I mean REALLY sick on the Saturday I traveled, but luckily by Sunday I started feeling human and got ready for the week.

And what a week it was. I presented BP210: XPages: Enter the Dojo with Paul Withers. We’ve not yet gotten an email regarding evals (which is killing me by the way), but I THINK it went pretty good. I did an introduction to using pure Dojo with XPages and then Paul kicked it into high gear with some more advanced techniques. We had some fun with our Karate theme. I put together a humorous Intro Video and Paul found some headbands that we wore. Good Times! 🙂

Tuesday night was SpeedGeeking. That was more difficult then I remembered. I talked about XPages and why you should care about it. Many demos dealing with Repeat Controls, Binding, and Rendering. It was fun but man that does take a lot out of you.

I think the biggest surprise for me was the response that I got from the XPages Cheat Sheet that I compiled. I did not expect such a great response at all. Joyce Davis was going to print 1,000 and ended up printing 1,500. And honestly I thought she was nuts. 🙂 But my understanding is they were almost all gone by the end of the show. Tim Clark and Matt White had them in their PACKED Show and Tell Session. At the end of the session I was talking to someone sitting next to me and just barely noticed that an awful lot of people were going to the front to see the speakers. I remember thinking that was odd to have so many questions after a Tim and Matt session. But it turns out there was a bit of a “rush” to the front to get a hold of the Cheat Sheets!!! Wow!

Tim then had this funny quote that Joyce tweeted later.

I’m very happy that people seemed to like it and I hope it helps in XPage Development!!

The next really cool thing was at the closing general session. I had sent my Introduction to XPages video into VideoFest and it won for the best Video in the App Dev category. Wow! It was even on the big screen and everything!

So while Watson may have won on Jeopardy, I feel like I won at Lotusphere.

So what’s next?

1. I’m desperate to get back to NotesIn9 shows. I’ve got a couple of hopefully really good ones queued up and just need to finish them. So stay tuned for that.
2. Next week I’ll be presenting on XPages for IDoSphere. I’ll blog more about that tomorrow.
3. I’m going to start working on something for openNTF. I hope to have a project there soon. This is in addition to the demo app from our session that Paul and I plan to put on openNTF.
4. Paul and I are planning to do our entire session as a NotesIn9 Extended Edition. It’ll actually be more like a Directors cut as I’ll add a demo in the end on the Extension Library.

So thanks to everyone for a great Lotusphere, and thanks for the interest in the stuff I create. I really appreciate it!

Community XPages

“NotesIn9 Live” will be Speed Geeking at Lotusphere

If’ you’re going to Lotusphere one event that shouldn’t be missed is SpeedGeeking on Tuesday night.

What’s SpeedGeeking?  It’s this big room with 12 tables. Each table has 1 presenter.  A host takes the crowd and divides them up between the tables.  Usually by birth month I THINK.

Each presentation is 5 minutes. NO MORE!  The presenters repeat themselves 12 times as everybody goes around to each table.

DRINKING is involved typically.  🙂 It’s a lot of fun and shouldn’t be missed. There’s a host with a microphone so it’s loud and there’s a lot of energy in the room.

Let year I did a presentation on using BluePrint with XPages.  I created a slightly slower version in Episode 11 of NotesIn9.

I thought it was lame to repeat that so I’m going to come with something different this year.  Here’s my abstract:

XPages: The Red Pill

XPages can’t be explained.  It must be seen to be appreciated.  Free your mind of all the rules Client development imposed on you and embrace the power that is XPages.  While Agents do exist in XPages we’ll spend our time looking at Data Binding, Rendering and Repeat Controls.

Hope to see everybody there!