Driveto99 Java Lotus Notes Notes In 9

NotesIn9 076: What are Java Beans?

In this show I attempt to tackle the “forbidden topic”. Yep. Java. Me talk about Java. It’s unexpected. I know. This show is an expanded version of parts of a presentation that I did at MWLug.

I first talk about some of the tools available to the XPages developer and when you might want or not want to use some.

Then I get into the meat of the show – Java Beans. I try and explain exactly what they are and show what they look like. I talk about managed and “unmanaged” beans and go through what they look like and a little bit on how they can be used.

This is a “getting to know them” type show. Not an indepth getting started on building them. I didn’t intend to do this show quite yet but I’m getting some great contributions as part of the Drive to 99 Event that are starting to talk about Java beans so I wanted to get this little intro out.

There’s lots more Java Beans stuff coming. If you can’t wait Jeremy Hodge did 3 shows for NotesIn9 that are highly recommended. I’ll probably be doing my attempt and an indepth intro to Java in the near future as well.

If you have any questions please ask.

P.S. This show is about 36 minutes and I got it in 1 take! BOO YAY!! 🙂