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NotesIn9: 046 Building Forms with XPages and Extension Library

The NotesIn9 100,000 Celebration continues! Last week saw three new shows and I also recorded an X-Cast Podcast due out soon. I have 2 more shows coming to cap off this huge milestone.

In this show I take a brief look at a couple of different topics. First I talk about the Extension Library and the Upgrade Pack and what I personally perceive to be differences betwen the two.

Then for the Demo, I talk about several different ext. library controls. The focus is on Field Layout Controls like “Form Table”, “Form Layout Row”, and “Form Layout Column”. But to get to that point I first touch on the App Layout control and the Navigator. I hope you like it.

For more information on App Layout control Steve Pridemore did a great show on it in episode 42.

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NotesIn9: 031 Styling NamePicker with oneUI

In this show guest contributor John Jardin comes on to talk about using oneUI to style the Name Picker from the XPages Extension Library.

Thanks again to John for taking the time to contribute this tip. I’m really exicited to have him and a couple more great guests lined up for some upcoming shows.