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NotesIn9 makes it to 199 EPISODES!!!!

Yeah baby!!! That’s how we roll.

7 Episodes from my Epic session at MWLug 2016!!  All XPages.  The grand Finale makes my head hurt!  There’s code slinging in that one.

Look for them to be published very soon.  But for now.  I sleep!  haha


Sorry – a little punchy at the moment  🙂

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NotesIn9 is “Hiring”.

I’m looking to find someone to act as an “XPages Producer” for NotesIn9. This is a volunteer position.  This person would actively recruit and work with contributors of XPages related content.  This person does not have to produce their own demos but of course that interest and ability would be encouraged. Basically I’m looking for someone to do what I do for a typical “contributor” show :

Look for and try and encourage / recruit contributors.

Work with the contributor to make the best demo possible.

Coordinate delivery of videos from the contributor.

Wrap the demos up inside a little introduction section using a NotesIn9 themed template.

Export and deliver to me final videos for publishing.

Assist with updating XPages.TV / XPages MindMap.


If you feel you might be interested in this please drop me a note and let’s talk about it.

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XPages.TV is dead. XPages.TV is born again.

For years I’ve known that my XPages.TV site sucked. For years you knew that also. Well finally I’m starting to do something about it.

XPages.TV was meant to be an on line catalog of all the NotesIn9 shows. Since the shows have a longer shelf life then a typical blog/podcast I wanted some way to get to them easier. And I didn’t know a way to do something clever in wordpress itself. So I wrote a little template to try and do some clever things and it was a total failure. So tonight I’ve killed that.

XPages.TV is currently showing the raw data of the NotesIn9 shows. Big thanks to Tim Briley for helping me gather the data. It’s barebones and ugly, but already should be doing a better job then my last attempt.

So if you’re looking for a particular NotesIn9 show, check out XPages.TV for the complete list and you can open links to get to the Youtube video or even the blog post.

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ummm can anyone help me with WordPress please?

So a little while ago I got some notification that my WordPress site was hacked.  I reached out to my host – dreamhost about it and just got back an automated message.  Rather disappointing to be honest.  The fact is I don’t know WordPress much at all.  I went to dreamhost because of their “easy 1 step install”.  Sure I could learn more I guess but I just don’t have the time.  I’m happy to be able to post and embed videos quite honestly.

I did ftp into my site and deleted the files highlighted below because they were clearly not supposed to be there, but I don’t know if that’s enough or what I should do to prevent this in the future.

I’d appreciate any help or advice on this!  Feel free to comment, email, skype, twit, facebook, call, smoke signal or whatever….

Thank you!

P.S. Big thanks to Stephanie for reminding me about this problem!!! I had kinda forgot about it due to the speed of life going on.





Bluemix Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9 184: XPages and Bluemix Part1

In this show, IBM Champion and all around awesome person, Oliver Busse returns to kick off a three part series on using XPages with IBM Bluemix.

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If you still believe in IBM’s “Backward Compatibility” you’re nuts.

Yes that’s a shocking title.  I almost NEVER do that.  But I wanted to get your attention so sue me.

I’ve seen a couple of remarks here and there about XPages and poor “backward compatibility” like we’re used to having with the Notes Client.

First thing to know.  In the Web / XPages world “Backward compatibility” guarantees are a thing of the past.  They’re done.  Get over it.

Second thing, and this is very important.  This is NOT IBM’s fault at all.

(Ok, well maybe on rare occasion it’s 5% their fault because some things would be nice if they knew ahead of time – cough iOS and Dojo)

If you want to stay in the Notes client then yeah ok, you could probably expect good backward compatibility.  But if you go into XPages and stuff forget about it.  It’s not going to happen.  There’s just too many moving parts.  dojo, ckeditor, different web browsers, different operating systems.  This is not IBM’s fault.  This is just a different world then the closed box Notes Client.

Case in point today.  I got news that my file upload system stopped processing pictures from iPads running on 9.0.2.  Well crap that sounds bad and gives me flashbacks of the last XPages / iOS issue.

After a full team press on this we discovered the problem. Then Declan found this post.

In iOS 9.0.2 if you upload from the iPad photo library the file type is “jpeg”.  This is a CHANGE from Apple.  Stupidly, if you upload direct from the camera the picture comes through as “jpg”.

So guess what idiot had this line of code :

if (this.smallType.equalsIgnoreCase(“JPG”)) {

yeah that would be me…

Changing it to :

if (this.smallType.equalsIgnoreCase(“JPG”)  || this.smallType.equalsIgnoreCase(“jpeg”)) {

Solved the immediate problem.

Now overall my code is not very robust.  It was a rush job originally and the amazing Devin Olson is currently doing the next version much better.

But we as developers need to learn how to test better. And we need to test more often.  And not just when a new version of Domino or a new version of the Ext. Library comes out.  But you need to test when mobile OS’s get updated.. desktop OS’s, etc…

And in addition to testing if you’re going to be running Web / XPages applications you MUST be able to stay on more current versions.  Everything else is changing around your app.  Your best chance really is ALWAYS run the latest and greatest. If your company isn’t willing to do that then they’re nuts! Gone are the days when you say “Works best with Internet Explorer 6”.

I do not know how to do automated testing.  There was  NotesIn9 #40 on Selenium  but I’m not sure that’s still valid.  I hear Selenium has problems if the id’s change as XPages is known to do.

If anyone has good testing strategies I’d sure be interested in hearing about it.

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NotesIn9 183: Thinking Different In XPages

Ok, this show is a little different. Well..  a LOT different.

In case you didn’t know, David Navarre runs an EXCELLENT blog at He recently made a post that I thought was rather interesting :

Writing and speaking about your code might actually make it better

It should come as no surprise that I 100% believe in the title of the post. In that post David talks about a coding challenge that he recently had to deal with.

I began to comment on his post and once I realized it was going to get a little “long winded” I figured I’d just make a show out of it.  Lot less typos that way!  🙂

Anyway this show doesn’t really have a true “demo”, but I discuss his post and solution to his problem and then talk a little bit about a possible alternate solution and why you might want to consider that.

Big thanks to David for not only running a great blog and videoing sessions at MWLug but also being a really good guy!

Notes In 9

NotesIn9 Migration Update

I’m starting to migrate all of my NotesIn9 episodes from my current hosting on to YouTube. I actually have a volunteer helping me which is awesome!

As part of this process I’ll be uploading a lot of missing shows to the YouTube Channel and then updating the original blog post to point to the YouTube location. So if you subscribe to NotesIn9 on YouTube you might think to yourself “What the Heck??”.

So just letting you know what’s going on. Currently I have the first 50 shows migrated over. Slow going but getting there.


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NotesIn9 Updates the #XPages Episode Guide

It’s been long overdue but I finally got around to updating my Episode Guide to contain all my shows.  Please check it out!

I often get questions from people on “Where do I start” with XPages.  This guide probably isn’t great but I do have some nodes for “Start here” and “Beginner” that I typically point people to.

I hope it’s helpful!


P.S. Call for Ideas / Help!

This mind map is meant to be a poor mans Table of Contents.  XPages.TV was meant to fill that role but that’s an epic fail and I’ve not had time to re-write it yet.

The problem is that unlike a typical “topical blog”,  some of my early shows are as valid today as they were back in 2009.  It’s difficult for people to find all the NotesIn9 content.  So I’m trying to come up with a nice interface for people to find all the shows.  I do NOT know a WordPress way though I’m sure there’s something out there.

The problem with the mind map is I need to manually re-key it.  Also it would be nice if shows could be in multiple categories.

If anyone has a better ideal or solution please let me know.  I like the visualness of the mind map but I don’t have a way to auto feed it.  Maybe there’s some WordPress plugin that’s better overall that would aid users in finding shows.  WordClouds and Searching just doesn’t cut it. Ideally something that’s NOT manually maintained would be great.  It can be a pain to publish shows because of all the duplicate data entry.

Please comment or email me any ideas you might have.  I’d appreciate any advice.



Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9 178 : XPages Bootstrap Date Picker Part 1

In this show John Jardin returns with another great XPages meets Bootstrap show.  Today he’ll show us how to get a better date picker for your XPages applications.