XPages at MWLug – what do you want to learn?

It’s no secret that I want to go to MWLug in August in the worst way.  And even though I’ve really cut back on my live speaking I would really like to speak at this particular event.

This means I need an abstract.  And a good one.  Which means I need a topic.  And a good one!  🙂

I also have 10 more NotesIn9’s to do before I hit the big 200!

So if you’re reading my blog you’re likely interested in XPages.

What do you want to learn about??

I’m interested in any ideas you might have.  If you’re going to MWLug please mention that as well, but that’s not a requirement to comment.  Right now I mostly want ideas that I might use for an abstract or even for NotesIn9.

Also – do you have an idea and have never presented before?  If you want any advice or even maybe a co-presenter let me know. Advice is always free.  Though you get what you pay for of course. haha