Thinking of AngularJS? Maybe it’s not all that and a bag of chips after all.

For a little while I’ve been hearing from some respected friends that basically “AngularJS is Awesome”.  I’ve sat in some presentations…  seen webinars.. had Skype chats…. etc.  So it’s on my “Interest List” but I’ve not devoted any time yet to try anything about.  As I write this I literally know almost nothing about AngularJS from a practical stand point.

A while back though I did look for AngularJS information.  Specifically I wanted to hear negative opinions about it.  I wanted something to offset a lot of the Angular cheerleading that seems to dominate the conversation.  Because of course there is no one perfect technology.  Look at me – I love working with XPages but if you want a list of everything that sucks eggs about it I’d be happy to discuss that as well.  It’s good to have perspective on things.

At the time I really didn’t find much negative about Angular.  I didn’t spend a lot of time on it and my Google-Fu is usually pretty weak to begin with but I thought that odd.

So today I came across this article today that I wanted to share:

Why you should not use AngularJS

I found this article really interesting.  Is it biased or even accurate?  I’ve no idea.  But I wanted to share this for anyone like me who might have been hearing all this positive vibes about Angular and wanted some perspective.