Java Notes In 9 XPages

NotesIn9 138: XPages Combobox ImprovementsJ

In this show I take a look at using a Combobox inside XPages.  I’m going to demo how to use Java – but it’s NOT scary Java – I show you everything.

We’re going to show the user a pretty value in the combobox but get a hold of and store the key value for our use.

I’m also going to show how you can create categories inside the combobox. That’s kinda cool I think depending on your situation.


Oliver Busse – @zeromancer1972 – has another example of this on his blog.

In that post he’s reading the data in from a view.  Cool!


Update 2:

Ove Stoerholt just did a blog post on comboboxes.  He discusses one “Gotcha” that you need to avoid.  A really good post!