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NotesIn9 131: Use SourceTree for better XPages Source Control

In previous NotesIn9’s I’ve talked about using Source Control inside Domino Designer.  Well today it all changes! Whatever I said before..  forget it!

The great Jedi master Yoda once said:  “You must unlearn what you have learned”. I’m officially calling a “Do Over” and we’re going to start from scratch with Source Control.

This show focuses on using Source Control but in a whole new way.  Rather then trying to control it from inside Domino Designer we’re going to use a really great FREE external application called “SourceTree”.

This app supports Git and Mercurial and has built in “HG Flow” which really should take a lot of pain out of creating branches and releases.

I ATTEMPT to demo how to install SourceTree, how to use it with your XPages Applications and how to push it to the server and pull an application back down from the server.

This is an early video.  I’ve only barely started using this myself but I wanted to get this out right away for our internal development team as well as anyone else who’s interested. It took me a while to “get it” and I want to spare anyone the pain that I went through.  I will do a followup video as needed.

Big thanks go out to Nathan T. Freeman, Russ Maher and Declan Lynch for their help which led to this video.