Public Service Announcement for IBM Connect

Ok so I’m starting to think about IBM Connect.  I’m not yet sure I will be attending. Assuming I do attend I’m 99% sure I will not be submitting any abstracts*. I’ve yet to officially ask at my “Day Job”.

But in order to ask for something like this you kinda need to know how much it will cost. Right?  I’m not crazy here am I?  Sadly that’s not as easy to find out all the costs any more.

One of the reasons why it’s difficult to know the costs is that the registration site is NOT giving you the hotel prices until AFTER you actually register. As we might say in PA Dutch County, “that’s fricken stupid if you ask me”.

So anyway, how do you find out the hotel prices so you can actually put in a request to your personal ‘powers that be’?  Well the great Andy Donaldson went through the process, kept the link and posted it on Twitter.

So to see the hotel prices and available go here:

So save you some trouble, assuming, I’m doing this correct, it appears the prices are:

Host Hotels

Dolphin: $288

Swan: $288

Walkable Hotels

Beach Club: $239

Yacht Club: $239

Need a bus Hotels

Animal Kingdom: $239

All Star: $88


Of course, check the prices out yourself.  Maybe they’ll change. I’ve no idea.


Last year IBM Connect had a LOT of great XPages content.  I’m hoping that will continue.


Note: You might find cheaper hotel prices on (Dolphin is $272 I hear) or with a AAA discount.


* SpeedGeeking is not included.  I could see myself trying to speak there maybe.