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NotesIn9 4 Year Anniversary

The very first NotesIn9  was published way back on July 11 2009.  I usually miss the actual date because I forget and only remember it was in the “summer” sometime.  I should probably set a reminder or something.  Anyway…

After 4 years, NotesIn9 has now produced 120 episodes from 31 amazing contributors for almost 35 hours of mostly XPages educational content.

Between my account and Youtube, the show has been viewed or downloaded 200,524 times!  Not too shabby at all I think.

My best show continues to be the 73 minute “Introduction to XPages” with over 15,000 views/downloads just for that episode.

The cheatsheets continue to be downloaded and some people seem to like the new show map.

In case you didn’t know it, NotesIn9 is available from the iTunes store here: There’s also an RSS feed in the sidebar of the website.

I’m hoping for some big changes in the next year, we’ll see. In the meantime there are more shows coming.  A great one by Keith Strickland is up next and I’ve got some I’d like to get out.  I’ve also talked to some potential new contributors recently and need to get back to that.  So all in all should be some more content coming.

I want to thank Chris Miller of SpikedStudios and Jeremy Hodge of Zeta One for some key support at some crucial times.  I want to thank Jesse Gallagher for some key support moving forward.

I also really wanted to take a minute to thank all the contributors for donating your time and talent to the show.  I and others really appreciate it. Thanks also to everyone who watches and leaves comments and feedback as that’s really nice also.


I’ll leave you with a little story.

Probably the most common question I get asked is “What does the 9 mean”?  Well back when I started out, YouTube had a 10 minute limit for uploaded shows. I thought NotesIn9 had a much better ring to it then “NotesIn10”.  That worked for a while till I just needed more time for longer topics.  So I moved from YouTube for the most part to a private host –  That let me get longer shows and also an RSS feed for the Apple iTunes store. So the 9 originally meant that the show would be 9 minutes-ish.  Now it has less meaning as some shows have been lengthy. Not quite sure what to do about that. haha.

So that’s my story. More to come.  Stay tuned.