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XPages Forum has been updated!

I know of 2 main resources to try and get specific help on XPages issues. and the XPages Forum.

While StackOverFlow (SO) is clearly the best place to go with a specific question, it’s not the best place for every situation.  SO is geared more to very specific questions.  It’s not a place for higher level discussions.

This is where the XPages Forum comes in.  It’s a specific site on developerWorks for XPages focused questions and talk.  I was very excited to see this tweet come up on my screen yesterday from Craig Lordan telling us that the Forum template code has been updated:



The forum now has a new UI look and feel and as best as I can tell 1 or 2 minor functionality changes.

While I try to visit there as often as I can, there are a bunch of TRUE experts who try to answer questions. I know XPages Xpert Paul Calhoun, tries to answer many questions and I’ve even noticed more IBM’ers hanging out there more.  Including members from the elusive XPages Development Team!  That’s a big win for the community.

For various reasons the XPages Forum is near and dear to my heart.  I think it’s important to have a complement to StackOverFlow.  I’ve even had some private discussions with some great IBMers on trying to improve / add some more features to the forum to make it more workable.  They seemed interested in the ideas, so I’m REALLY hopeful that with this update to bring it up to speed some needed feature improvements will be coming soon.

If you’ve not visited the XPages Forum in a while I strongly suggest you checking it out.  If you don’t have a question try and answer one, or share an experience of something you’ve learned. There’s a great XPages Community out there but you do need to Join in The Conversation to make the most of it.

Who knows – you might even make some friends.  I did!