Notes In 9

NotesIn9 is Back!

Last week NotesIn9 had a problem where it was redirecting to some weird website and shortly after got flagged by Google as a site delivering Malware.

I had no idea until Sean Cull sent me a note asking if there was a problem.  Yep there was!  And what a problem it was.  Eventually I had to redirect the site to a quick temp page for the time being.

This happened the day before a trip to Orlando for the day job and I think the day IamLug started.  Not great timing.

My odds at fixing this problem myself were nil.  So I turned to Chris Miller from  Chris is possibly the longest supporter of NotesIn9.  He and his Spiked Studio Productions have hosted my Ni9 WordPress blog for several years now. I truly appreciate that as I pretty much stink at WordPress.

Chris is also the key organizer behind IamLug so with that going on and me traveling this hit at the worst possible time.

From what Chris told me, code got injected via an old embedded flash player on one of my posts.  Ouch!

I want to thank Chris for his efforts in getting this fixed as soon as he did.  I really appreciate it.

All should be fine now.  If there are any problems please let me know.

Thanks for watching!

Now that my traveling is done for hopefully a while, I hope to get some long overdue shows out next week so please, stay tuned!