Learning XPages Notes In 9

NotesIn9 104: Viewer Question – Comboboxes

In this show I answer a question from a poster on the XPages Forum. Ursus Schneider posted that he was having a problem with Arrays (  but when he sent me a small sample to look at he had actually was having problems with working with comboboxes and partial refreshes.

So in this show I take a look at the sample I was sent and dissect it.  I’ll try and show you how it was originally coded and what the current problem that Ursus was having it.  I’ll fix that but then take a more indepth look at trying to modify the original code so it’s more on the lines of best practices.

Coding is an art, and I’m only so good at it myself, but hopefully this will be a contructive look at some possible ways to improve things via a code review.  I thank Ursus for sending me this and letting me using the discussion on the show.

One of the main reasons I wanted to do this example, was I thought pretty early on that I could work in an example that I’ve been trying to get on the show.  I wanted to demonstrate how you can return multiple values from a document from 1 SSJS function.  So instead of doing multiple lookups you might be able to do more at once.

Anyway – hope you like the show.  This should be a good one for people newish to XPages.

P.S. Theres like 3 seconds of black at the beginning of this video.  I’ve no idea what I did there.  Sorry about that.