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NotesIn9 celebrates 3 years of Free XPages Training

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of NotesIn9. I published my first real video on Repeat Controls way back in 2009 – 6 months after XPages was launched at Lotusphere.

Looking back those really seem like the Dark Ages of XPages. Learning was very difficult due to limited resources. We had a couple of great blog posts from people like John Mackey, Chris Toohey and Nathan T. Freeman. Then Declan Lynch really blew everyone away with an amazing 50+ article series on how to build an application. That was pretty much what we had for the longest time. That series was one of the inspirations of NotesIn9.

Fast forward to today and the XPages world is so bright and alive. There’s tons of new learning resources. We now have 3 books so far. Matt White does much better videos then me over on his site. We have some excellent courses available from We have XPages.Info – the central hub of XPages resources. And of course we have applications, custom controls, snippets, and examples over at Heck there are even XPages Cheatsheets now. 🙂

There are many “XPages XPerts” these days and they’re more then willing to share via blog posts or answering questions on or the XPages Forum.

Wow! I think we’re now in an XPages Renaissance!

I’m proud of the small part that I had in all this. In that time NotesIn9 has contributed to the community over 15 hours of free XPages training videos from 12 different contributors so far. All the shows should be easily available on XPages.TV. (If you have any problems please leave me feedback on that site.)

Later today I’ll be releasing the 69th episode. Another XPages and jQuery show from Mark Roden.

There’s lots more coming! I have some big things planned if all goes well. I’m also talking to 2 potential new contributors that I’m really excited about.

As always a big thanks to all the contributors and also thanks to everyone who watches the show.

Happy Coding!

P.S. Next month I’ll be speaking live at MWLug. If you’re there please stop by to say hello!