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NotesIn9 hits quota. Celebration Finale Postponed

Tomorrow I’m going to Las Vegas with friends for a little vacation. I had planned to queue up 2 more shows to finish up the NotesIn9 100,000 video celebration. I wanted to make tomorrow the first ever double feature day. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen.

Apparently I was a little over active this month and the bad news is I’m now up against my 800MB storage quota and the next show doesn’t fit. That’s never happened before. I don’t think I ever saw it hit red before. The good news is it’s a rolling 30 days, so hopefully some space will free up by the time I get back. The bad news is that it’s Vegas and I might not know who I am when/if I get back. 🙂

Anyway – stay tuned. A great show coming from John Jardin on using XPages with JDBC and Relational Databases. There’s also an amazing brand new surprise contributor on deck as well.