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NotesIn9: 045 XPages: Tracking File Downloads

In this episode I take a look at how you can use an XAgent to track any file this is downloaded or link that is clicked on your website.
At one Point in the show I mention “Thomas Bahn” and that should have been “Thomas Gumz”. Sorry for the mix up!  

Prior to the Demo there’s an important service message for the Kennedy Kreiger Institute.  They are directly involved in crucial care for Matt Reimer as discussed in a post by Rob Novak.  The program that benefits Matt is having it’s funding significantly reduced. Here is an article about Matt and the funding issue.

I would only ask that if NotesIn9 has ever benefitted you, maybe you would consider donating to this worthy cause.

The website is:
To donate be sure to select Other in the Fund Designation section and enter “ALD Research”
To contribute by mail, make checks to Kennedy Krieger Foundation, 707 N Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21205-9851. Memo: “ALD Research”

Thank you for the consideration!