NotesIn9 Live: Tuesday Feb 15th at IDoSphere

I’ll be bring NotesIn9 Live to Chris Miller’s IDoSphere next week on Tuesday Feb 15th at 8:30 AM EST.

My session is XPages: Beyond the Introduction. It’s kinda meant to be the second part of an XPages Jumpstart where the first part can be found in my Introduction to XPages Video.

I did this session at the summer Lugs where I get a really good response and even ATTEMPTED to use some it at my 5 minute speedgeeking event. Ya know… It’s a little heard to take 60ish minutes of material and boil it down to 5 minutes. But stupid me.. I tried! 🙂

Anyway, I’ll be talking about using XPages to do some common things. We’ll bind to foreign databases, take an indepth look at repeat control tricks, and maybe even take a peak at some custom object in SSJS. In the original version I talked about BluePrint CSS but I might replace that for another neat repeat control example. You’ll have to tune in to see!

IDoSphere is a 2 day virtual conference. With presentations that were NOT used at Lotusphere. There is a SMALL registration fee but the coupon code IDS2011DL will get you 10% off. My session will make it to NotesIn9, but IDoSphere has many more sessions with much better speakers then me. So if you missed Lotusphere, or even if you went, I suggest that this is worth checking out.